The Cassinis

Simon & Sheba

London (+ 100m)

Est. 1992

Yes, two for almost the price of two!. (Available together or separately)
As the only married caricaturing duo in the country we have developed a perfect blend of styles which gives us a unique set of skills. We can for instance work together on a single large board to produce over 100 faces (in full colour) in one sitting, or produce 30 of our unique and shiny mini badge and fridge magnet caricatures in an hour.
Of course we do the standard pen and paper caricatures too, blending great likenesses with a darkly comic sense of the ridiculous.
And naturally, we may be old dogs but we can learn new tricks, so digital caricatures on an iPad are no problem
Humour rather than flattery is what has taken us this far. You have been warned.

I am versatile, but especially enjoy…

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Tel: 07885 484 315