cheap caricaturist

Hiring a caricaturist? The one question all clients ask me first is usually “How much?” which then leads on to a lengthy response, based on the event date, location and performance time.  Many people expect a flat fee, which they can compare directly online, as they might their insurance quotes!  Truth is the UK hosts over 50 jobbing caricaturists and each one of them offers a different level of service and quality, right from bargain basement to luxury penthouse, so it is unfair to compare simply on price. After all, a Maserati will cost far more than Kia, but you usually get what you pay for.  Quite simply, the less expensive the artist, the less impressive the end result (if they turn up at all). So expect to pay in the region of £300 at least (industry standard minimum) for your professional caricaturist, otherwise you may be hiring an amateur.

At Pro-Carix we are proud to say that all our artists are worth every penny and you won’t find any of our fine entertainers competing for work on a price basis, against frankly inferior traders. You can hire us with confidence, our quality speaks for itself!