About Pro-Carix

Pro-Carix was the brainchild of George Williams, to form a co-operative group of professional Caricaturists, all talented, all full-time professionals, all experienced in their trade, in an effort to offer you, the public, some level of quality assurance when shopping for live entertainment.

The group has been galvanised with the help of talented colleague Chrissy Marshall, who formed a committee of fellow caricaturists to help define our membership and goals.

Our aim is simple; to maintain standards of professionalism, to offer you the most experienced caricaturists in the UK, not just hobbyists or amateurs, to help you base your judgement on personal choice, instead of selling you the cheapest option. After all, a good artist is rarely cheap but a cheap artist is never good!

Pro-Carix hopes to change the public perception of caricaturists, from hobbyist and buskers to professional freelance artists and entertainers. Not all caricaturists are the same and once you hire a Pro-Carix, you’ll know the difference, we promise

Pro-Carix Code Of Practice

Carix should strive to produce quality artwork, with a serviceable likeness.

Carix should be professional, sober, punctual, reliable, impressive.

Carix should know their worth.

Carix should not charge customers at live events, unless at trade shows or retail stands.

Carix will not tolerate or use racist, sexist, abusive, aggressive or inappropriate behaviour.

Carix will not promise a service which they cannot deliver.

Carix will do their utmost to fulfill their professional obligations and in case of inability to meet those obligations, every effort will be made to find a suitable replacement.

Carix cannot be expected to submit to unreasonable or unprofessional requests without prior consultation.

Get In Touch

Freephone – 0800 999 8868

If requesting a quote, be advised you will receive multiple email responses via this generic form. Alternatively, choose a specific artist by area and contact them directly.

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