Services & Formats

Live event caricaturists are talented and versatile performers. All offer basic black & white traditional artwork, produced in five minutes or under, as standard. Artwork size or format can vary and some artists offer specialist services, many of which are listed below for easy reference.

walkabout traditional caricatures

Paper Walkabout

Paper hand drawn or TRADITIONAL caricatures are produced while artist is standing up, walking amongst your guests or MIX & MINGLE. Usually black and grey on A4 or A3 paper, size can vary upon request.

traditional booth caricatures

Paper Static

Paper hand drawn or TRADITIONAL caricatures are produced while artist is seated at an easel or board, ideal for attracting audiences to a stand or specific area. Usually black and grey (with scope for colour) on A4 or A3 paper, size can vary upon request.

walkabout iPad caricatures

Digital Walkabout

Digital drawn or iPAD caricatures are produced while artist is standing up, walking amongst your guests or MIX & MINGLE. Offering full colour and logos, the drawings can take longer than traditional and are usually emailed to the punter.

iPad booth caricatures

Digital Static

Digital drawn or iPAD caricatures are produced while artist is seated, plugged into a TV screen, ideal for attracting audiences to a stand.  Offering full colour and logos, the drawings can take longer than traditional and can be emailed to the punter or printed on 6×4 card.

small scale drawings

Small scale

Paper hand drawn or TRADITIONAL caricatures, produced on smaller scale paper, card etc. Usually black and grey on A4 – A6 or photo paper, these are ideal for lanyards or envelopes and provide a more convenient sized artwork for punters.

large scale drawings

Large scale

Paper hand drawn or TRADITIONAL caricatures, produced on larger scale paper or board. Usually black and grey on A3 – A0 paper, size can vary upon request. These provide maximum impact and a more physical performance.

group caricatures

Couples & Groups

Multiple caricatures are usually produced while the artist is seated at an easel or board, as these take longer and require patience from both artist and sitters. The more heads to draw, the longer the time taken and the smaller the resulting caricatures.

children's portraits


Most Carix provide adult entertainment. Children lack attention and can be disruptive, so a specialist artist is essential, preferably a patient, flattering Carix. Look out for the Child Friendly symbol.

animal portraits


Most Carix prefer human subjects and will rarely draw animals. Pets are a specialist subject, so a specialist artist is essential. Look out for the Pet Friendly symbol.

rabbit rabbit rabbit


Some Carix offer a high level of interaction or Banter, joking and chatting with punters, creating a buzz and raising laughs while drawing. Banter is the sign of a true entertainer and can really bring out the best in the right audience.

fun days and fetes


Drawing outdoors needs special consideration; wind, rain, cold and excessive sunshine can all play havoc with the artists’ materials and working conditions. For this reason you must choose a specialist and clearly state any intended outdoor working conditions.

corporate speak caricatures


Taking your corporate ideas and making them visual in a live situation is a specialist skill.  Produced large scale (on board or flip-chart) these visualizations are fast and smart. Look for a specialist visualizer if required.

Choosing the right caricaturist

Live event caricaturists can be the best investment for your event, but they are a rare breed and quality caricaturists are even rarer.  So choosing the right Carix is essential. Pro-Carix is here to guide you.

When you hire a caricaturist you are paying for their SERVICE and entertainment, not just a production line of artwork. So you pay for their time at your event and all their artwork should be FREE to guests, just as the music, food and magic will be. Generally  speaking most Pro-Carix can produce 12 caricatures per hour on paper, which is industry standard, though some may work faster. Digital caricatures may take longer. Here are some choices you may be faced with;

As a rule of thumb there are two types of event; STATIC or FLUID

  • Static events such as Weddings or Dinners, where your punters are captive in one venue or area. These events need walkabout entertainment, to mix & mingle, table hop and make the room look busy.
  • Fluid events such as Exhibitions, Trade Shows and Conferences, where punters are on the move, circulating from stand to stand, room to room.  These events need a static attraction, such as a digital caricaturist, to draw punters to your stand and keep people captivated. Bare this in mind when booking your caricaturist.

Caricaturists tend to operate in two ways at live events; WALKABOUT or SEATED.

  • Walkabout Caricaturists tend to be very quick and very flambouyant, to catch and keep punters’ attention while mixing and mingling, spreading laughter round the venue.  These are best suited to Static events, such as dinners and drinks receptions, where entertainment is needed.
  • Seated caricaturists can take their time, as they have a captive seated audience, so they may offer groups or colour caricatures. These are best suited to (longer) Fluid events, such as exhibitions or fun days, where productivity is key and a queue of people waiting to be drawn can be a bonus!

Caricaturists offer many mediums, but the two main options are PAPER or DIGITAL.

  • Paper or Traditional caricatures tend to be suitable for every event and are quickly produced on a range of paper sizes, from badges to A3 or even A0 or whiteboard sizes. Your guests are given a memento to take away in 3-5 minutes and if presented to a group raise laughter instantly upon reveal.
  • Digital caricatures offer the option of full colour and other customizations such as logos etc, but can take longer to produce, averaging 6-10 minutes each. When used on a static stand with a plasma screen they can be a great attraction and each caricature can then be printed off or emailed to your clients/guests. Digital walkabout artists are also proving popular, though lighting can be an issue and email is the only output option at such events.

Location should play little part in your booking decision, as all Pro-Carix are happy to travel to where the work is, with travel factored into their fee. Budget is always a consideration for any event and while its tempting to accept the cheapest option offered by an agency or amateur, it is a false economy.  When it comes to artwork and entertainment, you get what you pay for and a low fee can be an indication of low quality or reliability and you risk being disappointed or let down on the day by cheaper options. All Pro-Carix featured charge industry standard fees and whilst being flexible, they will never knowingly undervalue their services. You do get what you pay for after all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?
A: All Carix quote per event, based on date, location and length of performance. You pay for our time. All Pro-Carix prices start at £300 (minimum) and price is often an indication of quality, both low or high!

Q: How long does each drawing take?
A: An average B&W party caricature takes 4-5 minutes, any quicker would be a scribble! Colour digital caricatures can take longer, 6-10 minutes each.

Q: Why do most Carix draw in black & white, not colour?
A: B&W drawings are faster, to add colour takes more time and requires more kit to carry around. Generally means fewer drawings produced.

Q: Are caricatures offensive?
A: Caricatures are fun and supposed to offend a little, though some Pro-Carix do flatter. Look for a Cute specialist if required.

Q: How many can a Pro-Carix draw in 2 hours?
A: On average 12-15 per hour, so upto 30 faces, but that depends on the punters and unpredictable working environment.

Q: What’s an average performance time?
A: The usual slot is 2 hours, 3 hours for longer parties or upto 6 hours maximum for exhibitions.

Q: Will everyone be drawn at my event?
A: Its a performance, so not everyone needs to be drawn to be entertained. Remember only around 50% of guests will want to be drawn, the rest just enjoy watching!

Q: Are caricatures suitable for children?
A: Children can make fidgety subjects to draw, with their limited attention span and a tendency to get upset, so look for a specialist Children’s entertainer if required.

Q: What’s the difference when drawing on an iPad instead of paper?
A: iPads are a great gimmick and add colour to the drawings, which can be emailed on the spot. They can be more fiddley to work on however, so choose an iPad specialist if required.

Q: Do Pro-Carix draw couples or groups?
A: Couples and groups take much longer than single drawings, so most prefer not to. Choose a couple or group specialist if required.

Q: Are you willing to travel?
A: We have Pro-Carix all over the UK and Ireland, all of whom are happy to travel to your event. Travel expenses are usual factored into your price quote.

Q: Are the drawings free or do you charge per person?
A: Guests should NEVER PAY for live entertainment, so all drawings come free of charge. You simply pay for our professional time.

Q: What if I want extra time at my event?
A: Most Pro-Carix are happy to offer over-time if required, negotiable on the night, but all extra time must be paid for.

Q: Do you draw caricatures for a living?
A: Yes, all Pro-Carix members are full time professionals, with at least 10 years’ experience at live event entertainment.

Q: I’ve seen caricaturists on the streets, is that the same?
A: No, street artists and beach buskers are not professional caricaturists or entertainers.

Q: Can you draw from photos?
A: All Pro-Carix offer a bespoke studio service from photos, but this is not encouraged at live events, where live models take priority.

Q: What does ‘CARICATURE’ mean?
A:  ‘Caricature’ means to ridicule by exaggeration, not just a mash-up of the words ‘Cartoon’ and ‘Character’. Caricatures may be flattering or offensive, but a good caricature always bears an uncanny likeness!